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The new PAVATI “Warrior” and “Guardian” Drift boats mark a new revolution in fishing boats. PAVATI Marines all aluminum drift boats are the easiest rowing, most advanced fishing machines ever made. These computer designed and lofted drift boats make for the safest, most innovative drift boats in the world.Driven by a passion for efficiency and simplicity, PAVATI’s engineers have advanced drift boats into the 21st century. Multiple Patents, extensive testing, and real world common sense is engineered directly into each and every drift boat. Check out the new revolutionary “Quick Lock Seat System”, Patented “Drifter Doors”, “The Truth” CNC Tape measure and more. Welcome to the future of Drift Boats, “THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN”.

***NEW- PAVATI Marine has just introduced it’s first line of River Boats and Lake boats. Designed by the same engineers as our infamous “Warrior” drift boats. PAVATI once again has raised the bar in the heavy gauge aluminum boat world. Shattering the technological boundaries of the River boat and lake boat world is the main goal we have set for ourselves. Call for a dealer in your area or to setup a test drive and a factory tour.

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